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Polyester Resin (a major part of fiberglass) is regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP). We are also regulated by the North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources (NCDEHNR). Polyester resin and other chemicals used in our process are potentially hazardous to the environment. Piedmont Composites & Tooling is committed to responsibly handling and using HAP’s and other chemicals used at our facility.

Piedmont Composites & Tooling has been an EPA title V facility since 2000. We opted to conform to this high standard even though our HAP emissions were lower than the required reporting standard. The title V program requires strict emissions reporting and handling procedures. All aspects of our HAP products are monitored and inspected to meet EPA standards. The NCDEHNR also inspects our facility frequently to insure conformity to their high standards.

Piedmont Composites & Tooling also reclaims over 50% of our HAP solvents. Our solvents are recycled in our solvent distiller and re-used. The solvent distiller requires a significant monetary and labor investment. By reclaiming and recycling our solvents, we greatly reduce the amount of HAP’s released into the environment.

We also utilize the American Composites Manufacturers Association www.cfa-hq.org (ACMA) controlled spray program and techniques to reduce emissions. This Program requires larger containment flanges on our molds and the use of non-atomized application equipment.

We have spent over $500,000.00 for our ventilation systems at our new plant. The dust from our trim room is filtered and contained with no discharge to the environment. Our gel-coat and lamination ventilation system ensures that our emissions and worker exposure are well below the industry requirements.

Our break room only offers soft drinks that are in aluminum cans which are then recycled. All of our plastic containers as well as our cardboard is recycled as well. We have also invested in a trash compactor to maximize the space required for our trash and scrap.

Our company spends many thousands of dollars each year to reduce our hazardous emissions and protect our environment. We consider this money well spent to be a better corporate citizen and keep our environment safe.



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