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Unit Specifications
For Units up to 500 Gallons
For Units over 500 Gallons
For Portable Baptistries

Please call 828-632-8883 or email sales@piedmontcomposites.com
for more information.

PCT Reserves The Right to Change Pricing Without Notice.

Why do the baptistry heaters from Piedmont Composites & Tooling cost more than similar looking heaters?

  • Titanium Element
    Why is Titanium important?
  • Fully Assembled
    All heaters are fully assembled. Make sure that you are not getting a box full of parts!
  • Fully Tested
    We test all heaters with our fully functioning baptistry test station which includes pump and heat operations.
  • Timer Included
    5500 & 11000 models

Titanium Element
Fully Assembled
Fully Tested
Accessory Plug In
On Board Diagnostics
Warranty 1 Year
Stainless Steel Water Chamber
Pre-Plumbing to Baptistry Available
Timer Available
On Board Thermostat


EZ Fill for Baptistry Heating System
E-Z Fill Unit Only

Please call 828-632-8883 or email sales@piedmontcomposites.com
for more information.

PCT Reserves The Right to Change Pricing Without Notice.

Poor water chemistry can be damaging to a heater element, particularly when amplified by abuse or neglect. Additionally, fill water that is naturally high in salt, lime, and calcium can also promote a slower but premature failure as well. Below you will learn why titanium provides a superior defense against “adverse” water conditions and will extend your element’s useful life.

  • Chemical Failure

Corrosion is the etching and rusting effect that happens to ferrous metals. As water becomes acidic (low in pH) or overly chlorinated, corrosion is accelerated and your heater element is most at risk. Titanium is not a coating and is non-ferrous (less than .03% iron), and therefore will withstand greater chemical punishment without the pitting, etching, and surface breakdown of typical nickel alloys.

  • Mineral Failure

Lime and calcium can naturally collect on the element’s surface and form a white “scale” coating. This insulating layer will slow heat transfer, resulting in lower efficiency, longer run periods, and higher internal temperature. This excess buildup will not let heat escape efficiently, and in time the element will cook itself to death.

Click for printout of the Titanium information.

Titanium has quickly become the solution to heater longevity and has long been the best defense against chemical and mineral abuse. Even with today’s salt chlorinating systems, there has been no other material that has improved heater longevity like titanium.

Titanium doesn’t allow scale to harbor onto the surface. Titanium naturally produces a dioxide film that continually migrates to the surface and detaches harmful content. Additionally, titanium’s surface pores do not open when heated and will not allow harmful chemicals or particles to collect and harbor. This “self scaling” miracle can be verified in your own dishwasher. As heavily concentrated detergents are added weekly, your element remains nearly scale free for years. All commercial and most residential dishwashers are equipped with titanium elements for this reason.

Titanium contains no iron and therefore cannot rust or corrode . Given the worst water conditions, titanium can resist pitting, oxidizing, and surface breakdown up to five times better than typical nickel alloy elements. Titanium is not magnetic and will not attract materials that can attach and promote deterioration. Additionally, titanium has an exceptionally low thermal expansion rate, and this will reduce the stress that can cause structural fatigue and fracture.

Titanium provides your best defense against common recreational water chemicals and becomes more beneficial and is a much better value when water chemistry is less than perfect!


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